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Attempt to reverse inactivity?

So panda_cult has been largely inactive.

I keep wondering if I should just abandon all hope for it, but I'd like to give it another go.

I want to re-vamp the idea for panda_cult. When I first started it, I wanted it to be a place for random people who don't necessarily fit in, in other places.
And this is still the case.
I'm not sure what topics could be discussed, but I'm willing to see anything.
Discussions or news about pandas would be nice, and also silent letters about things you want to say, but you either don't have someone to say it to, or don't want them to know/worry about it.
Commiserating, emo-ing.
But maybe just a place for people who want it- can get some camaraderie.

Bah, I am probably not getting my ideas across, but anyway.

Welcome, if anybody still has hope or interest.



We're not dead, we just don't have any members!
...But there's no content... and thus no livingness.

So I decided to try and revive the Panda Cult!

Would people like to comment about what they would like to see in Panda Cult in the future?
Content-wise? Panda-wise? Sabaku no Gaara-wise? Or maybe you'd like to see less of something. I know the Sabaku no Gaara bit is a little bit weird- and maybe it should be gotten rid of.


Well, ponder that while I go figure out what content should be in this community and contemplate posting it...

~Shirhys~ Your lovely mod/parent


Next to penguins, pandas are among my favorite animals. I don't know why this is but it's just something I've come to accept. I've had these two panda icons, that one to the left there and the one on this post, for years but I didn't get them together and ever since I saw that booty shaking one I've lived with the hopes of finding more...

...though I haven't been having the best of luck.

Thanks to thegreenarcher, however unintentionally, now I've got 3. I don't want more just to use them for posts, in fact the two I've got now are fine for that. I want to see if I can get enough of them to make a mood theme with; anywhere between 20 to 35 would be ideal....more would be wonderful. Only have the 3 now and while I do have another panda mood theme already (Clicky!) you can never have enough pandas.

Does anybody know who made this particular panda? Is there a website out there filled with more animations of it? Can you help me track it down?
C'mon, nobody wants to be a socially inept panda?

It'll be fun!

We can paint our faces white, surraound our eyes, ears, and mouth with black paint and walk around in public with a sign that says:
"Proud to be a Panda"


I guess I'll just have to do more recruiting...

Shiru Has Posted her Profile

Name you would like to be called by:
Shiru (You can call me the Great Mother Panda if so desire)

At least one interesting fact about you:
I am an all-purpose fangirl. I love yaoi. I love yuri. I love lotsa animes. I love manga. I love campfuckudie. I love thecookieempire I love art and ff.net and Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar books.
I like art, creating art, reading and writing.

Why you Joined:
I -made- Panda. oo It all started out as a joke from a comment about me being socially inept... and at the time I was fangirling about pandas... And then I saw a cute icon of Sabaku no Gaara in a panda outfit... And decided to created the Panda Cult of Socially Inept People.

What makes you socially inept:
Where to start....
I laugh a lot, hysterically, and at almost anything.
Like the communistic bubble bombs strapped to kamikaze turtles thing I have going with a friend. ^__________^
I rant on about wtv. Most people at my school don't understand what I rant about...
Basically, I'm just odd... I'm not quite sure what makes me that way... It might be part of the getting teased repetitively as a child, so now I have no idea how to make proper friends and only have a handful or so. It's also the bookwormish side of me...

At least one thing you are interested in doing at Panda:
Errrr..... making it entertaining, fun, and with more than a few members who only post sporadically. oO


First Post is PWND(a)

We're so socially inept we can't even post.



So, When first posting, please put down the following:

Name you would like to be called by:
At least one interesting fact about you:

Why you Joined:
What makes you socially inept:
At least one thing you are interested in doing at Panda:

Please, if you are posting long or inappropriate for the general masses-posts, put them under a cut and with a warning of what content is underneath. Thank you.

More stuff to come!